Services & Programs

Detox Services

We offer assistance and support oversight services for individuals wanting to detox safely under medical supervision from opioids. We utilize The Bridge Device followed by a non-narcotic opioid blocker medication. 

We also offer assistance, support and referral services for detox needs for non opioid drug and alcohol dependencies.

We are the only Non Profit in the nation that is utilizing The Bridge Device. 

Recovery Services

A recovery plan will be put in place along with support services to help individuals achieve realistic recovery goals. Some referrals and plans include: outpatient treatment, inpatient treatment, change in environment, utilizing peer support services, relapse prevention plan, and a continuum of care. 

Faith Based Peer Support Services

We are a faith-based resource that will offer a spiritual approach to peer support services to those interested. We will attend church services, faith based recovery meetings and help individuals grow in their fellowship and belief. 

Peer Support Services

Our nationally trained and certified Peer Support Specialists are qualified in giving a hand up to those that need some guidance and help in achieving their recovery goals. This service offers a wide range of support to include: transportation, advice, problem solving, attending meetings and medical appointments, family support, etc. 

Establish a healthy human bond where you won't ever be shamed or judged.  

Inmate/Reformed Gang Member Services

We are passionate about advocating for those that are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated. We have staff members who have personal experience with the legal system and incarceration. We offer support services and will assist individuals to establish a transitional plan and help to create goals to keep them from re-offending or relapsing. 

Individuals who are wanting to change their life and are involved in any type of gang or gang related activity, will receive help and goals on how to resign from their gang and gang duties. 

Referral Services

We accept calls from individuals seeking recovery options in our community and connect them with resources that best fit each individual. Our staff will make sure to obtain all information necessary to assist those seeking recovery resources. We will guide them through the necessary steps as they seek the best fit for their individualized needs.