Our Community Partners

Set Free Alaska

The mission of Set Free Alaska is to facilitate freedom from the bondage of addiction. SFA is a Christian treatment center that uses a mind-body-spirit approach to recovery.  Their multi-generational programs  facilitate hope, healing, and resilience resulting in lasting change. They provide services to the community in the area of substance abuse,  children’s behavioral health, and most recently residential treatment for women.  SFA provides group and one-on-one counseling in conjunction  with the Word of God to help guide people into a life of freedom.

We have been blessed to have built a partnership with this amazing treatment provider. They are also a partner in "The Lazarus Project" as an outpatient treatment resource. 

Mat-Su Health Foundation

Their mission is to improve the health and wellness of Alaskans living in the Mat-Su Valley. Their vision is to support and assist the community where all persons have the opportunity for a healthy life. 

The Mat-Su Health Foundation has supported Fallen Up Ministries with their belief in our core mission and values. They grant funded Fallen Up Ministries with funds to purchase the 25 Bridge Devices needed for the Lazarus Project.

We want to thank the Mat-Su Health Foundation for their continued support and their belief in our mission and recognizing our staff for their advocacy and dedication. We also want to thank them for their work in our community by helping local agencies and organizations extend their services and capacity to help create a healthier Mat-Su.

Mat-Su Regional Medical Center

Mat-Su Regional Medical Center is our community healthcare provider;  a 74-bed facility with a wide range of inpatient and outpatient care,  diagnostic imaging and emergency, medical and surgical services and more. 

Mat-Su Regional Medical Center also has two urgent care facilities offering immediate medical care 7 days a week. They now have 9 trained medical professionals that can apply The Bridge Device. They also provide an effective cocktail of comfort medications, which helps ease the discomforts of substance use withdrawals along with other medical approaches that help promote proper care to those seeking help for their addiction.

We want to give a special thanks to Dr. Michael Alter, M.D., whom specializes in emergency medicine, for his support, hard work, and immense passion. His non-stop advocacy in helping create more immediate and available medical services to those suffering from substance use disorders has made such an impact on our community as a whole. We thank you and appreciate all the work you do!

Algone Interventional Pain Clinic

Algone is a pain management provider that offers comprehensive and individualized care to chronic pain sufferers. They also offer services for those needing medical guidance for their substance use disorders. 

Algone Dependency Therapy relies on patient-provider relationship development and emphasizes accountability. Currently offering treatment for alcohol dependency and opioid use disorders, their team has several tools to help patients reach their goals, including: medication-assisted  therapy (MAT), The Bridge Device, and Summit Recovery Group, a group counseling program led by a licensed counselor.

Algone partnered with Fallen Up Ministries and The Lazarus Project, participating in Alaska's first pilot study regarding The Bridge Device. Their amazing addiction specialist provider, Maria Freeman, M.D., was the first physician in the Southcentral region of Alaska to be trained to apply The Bridge Device. 

Fallen Up Ministries worked with Algone's addiction therapy team in The Lazarus Project, providing patients with proper care and support through well coordinated efforts of the partnership. 

We want to gives a special thanks to Algone, Dr. Maria Freeman and medical assistant, Ginger Curet, for allowing such a powerful team effort to be established that created a harmonious flow of proper medical oversight and support for those in need of compassionate care.  

Alaska Family Services

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My House

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Fiend 2 Clean

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Matsu Opioid Task Force

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The Lazarus Project

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