About Us

Fallen Up Ministries is a faith based non-profit organization in Alaska that was formed in 2011 by Founder Terria Walters. 

Our mission is geared towards helping to heal individuals that are suffering from substance use disorders and incarceration. We offer various services and programs designed to support those afflicted by substance use disorders within our communities. 

We also offer support and guidance to the loved ones of individuals who are in active addiction and those that are on their road to recovery. 

Community Connection

Fallen Up Ministries is very active in the community and across the nation to help raise awareness and advocate for changes. Being a voice in the community helps us with our ability to better assist not just those in active addiction, but to be apart of the solution. We also strive to develop and maintain relationships with legislators, business owners, agencies, resources, and recovery advocates to continue to spread awareness and push for changes within our community. 

What We Offer

We strive to walk along side individuals that need support in their fight with addiction. We offer compassion, understanding, love, support, advice, guidance, friendship, and offer a spiritual based approach through their walk. 

We do not shame. We are raising the stigma associated with the disease of addiction. We wont leave anyone behind. 


Board Of Directors

Terria Walters- Founder & President

Mark Weaver- Vice President

Kim Zello- Treasurer

Colby Hall- Board Member

Our Dedicated Committee Members

Heather Christensen

Echo Wyche

Billy Christensen

Leslie Sharpe

Tracy Ducasse

Layne Gunter

Phil Cole